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The German National Bone Marrow Donor Registry (ZKRD) holds all the data relevant to searching for donors throughout Germany. This data is transmitted to the ZKRD by 26 German donor centers.

On receiving a search request from a search center, the ZKRD compares the patient’s tissue characteristics against the available donor data. The ZKRD can access the data of more than 9 million donors in Germany and is thus the largest and most efficient registry in the world. Through its international collaborations, the ZKRD has access to the data of more than 36 million donors. In terms of research and development in information technology, the ZKRD is again a pioneer. The exchange of data between the stem cell donor registries worldwide is fully automated owing in large part to the development activities and commitment of the specialists in Ulm. The entire search process for a suitable donor is constantly being refined and optimized to find the best donor for all patients worldwide even faster.

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