… to the German National Bone Marrow Donor Registry (ZKRD), the central coordination office for bone marrow donor searches in accordance with Article 65e of the Fifth Book of the German Social Code. Acting as the hub between transplant centers, search centers, donor centers and other donor registries across the world, the ZKRD facilitates the interaction of all involved, from searching for suitable donors to transporting donated cells.

The mission…

… and motto of our registry is: “Faster identification of the most suitable donor for any patient – worldwide!” The ZKRD works quickly and efficiently with its partners in the interests of patients with leukemia or other diseases of the blood-forming system who need a stem cell donation. For 9 out of 10 patients in Germany, a suitable donor is usually found within a few weeks.

The core…

… is our OptiMatch® matching program developed at the ZKRD for identifying potential, suitable donors for each individual patient. In Germany, the ZKRD has access not only to a database of donors registered with 26 donor centers in Germany, but also to the majority of internationally registered donors.


… the ZKRD searches for potentially suitable donors for its patients and responds to requests on behalf of patients abroad. Almost 40% of unrelated blood stem cell transplants worldwide involve voluntary donors from Germany.


… from A for orders and billing to K for coordination, T for transport and Z for customs clearance make us a competent partner with a lot of know-how in the search for the most suitable donor for all patients worldwide.

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